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Barbie Aaron

Barbie Aaron

U.S. History, World Geography

Conference 7:50 am -8:35 am

SUPPLIES: students only need one 70 page spiral notebook.


I look forward to a wonderful year at FHS!!! My classroom expectation is respect. I offer interactive lessons with power points, videos, pictures, primary sources, and other activities.  I love history and geography and enjoy making it come alive in the classroom! I want my US History students to enjoy my class as they learn about the history of our great nation and prepare for the STAAR test.  My World Geography students will take an intersting tour of our world, looking at political, economic, historical and cultural traits of the many diverse countries in our world.  


I rarely assign homework.   If we utilize our class time each day, there is no need to finish anything after school.  We will work in our interactive spirals each day and as long as the students are focused, we can achieve our daily objective within our alotted class period. 


I am excited and blessed to be an EAGLE!!!!! I look forward to meeting all of my students and having a wonderful year of learning.  



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