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Tips to succeed in Physics.

Tips for success in Physics

  1. Use quizlet to study for Vocabulary quizzes.          Every chapter has three grades for Vocabulary: definitions, sentences, and the quiz.  These should all be easy daily grades that can help cushion your grade for some of the more challenging material.  
  2. As we move through a chapter, work on the section reviews online.  These have answers and work provided so you can check understanding.  
  3. Do not allow yourself to get behind.  Come in to tutorials as soon as you are having difficulty understanding a concept.  I am available in the morning at 7:30, at break, and after school by appointment.  The morning time and after school is usually the least crowded.  
  4. Do all Homework and Classwork yourself.  It is ok to work with a group, but copying is cheating and is also not going to help you prepare for the test.  
  5. When you get a paper back make sure you get not only the answers, but that you rework the problems to make sure you understand what you missed.  Physics builds on itself and you don’t want to make the same mistakes again.  
  6. Chapter Review problem sets are assigned way in advance because they take multiple days.  Please do not wait till the last day to begin working on them.  Also, because of the amount of work that is involved these often count for multiple grades in the gradebook.  
  7. You may have to study more than one night before a test.  Most people must study multiple days to be successful in physics.  
  8. Study the Take a Quiz sections in the online textbook.  I pull questions from these for the test!!  In regular physics 85-100% of the test is usually from these questions.  In Honors Physics 50% is from these questions.  
  9. If you do not pass a test and you are in regular physics, it is important that you retake the test for a 70 on the make-up day.  Make-up test sessions begin at 7:15 am.  It is much better to study for the original, but if all else fails the make-up test becomes essential to passing for the nine week grading period. 
  10. Khan Academy is a good video lesson resource.