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Student Expectations:

1. Come to class prepared. Use the restroom, get a drink, and take care of all other personal business during the passing period, not during class. Bring all materials needed for class (binder, composition book, and workbook stay in the classroom). Pencils are sharpened at the beginning of class. 

2. Follow directions the first time you are asked. 

3. Raise your hand and receive permission to speak. 

4. Remain in your seat unless told otherwise. Students must receive permission to get out of their seat. This includes opening the door for someone, sharpening pencils, getting supplies, and helping others. 

5. Show respect at all times – to yourself, your classmates, the classroom, and the teacher. 

6. Follow all school rules. 


1. Verbal warning

2. Lunch/Break detention assigned

3. Office referal

4. Parent contacted


Click on the link below for more information:

Spradlin - Rules and Syllabus - English II