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Classroom Supplies

The supplies needed for English I are:


2.5” OR 3” binder

1-subject spiral OR composition book

1 folder OR 1” binder (This is to keep all English 1 handouts, assignments, homework, etc. in. If the folder is likely to get lost or torn up, I would recommend the binder. If the student is going to keep one large binder for all their classes’ assignments, then one folder or divider in that binder is fine.)


Pens, pencils, a few highlighters, 8 map pencils, pair of scissors, gluesticks, erasers (not the pencil tops), and a pencil bag to keep supplies in. 

It is perfectly fine if the student uses these supplies across all classes (no need to buy extra). I highly recommend having all necessary supplies this year as communal supplies will be limited and must be disinfected after each use. 

If a student needs help getting any of these supplies, he/she can talk to me outside of class and I’ll see what I can find.