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Gay Lynn Swan

Algebra I / Geometry


Mrs. Swan



Algebra 1




  • Composition notebook 

  • Pocket Folder

  • Paper

  • Pencil - all assignments must be done in pencil 

  • Colored Pencils

  • Expo Markers

  • Calculator (provided by school)

  • Algebra 1 book

*Bring all materials to class daily. 



  • Respect 

    • Respect yourself

    • Respect others

    • Respect property (yours and others) 

  • Be on time and prepared 

    • Be seated before the tardy bell rings 

    • Bring materials to class every day 

  • Maintain a positive attitude and a strong work ethic 

  • Follow school rules including cell phone policy 



  • Talking or disruptive behavior will get 3 verbal warnings and then lunch detention

  • Continued disruptive behavior will result in a referral to the Assistant Principal

  • Blatant disrespect toward staff, myself or another student will result in immediate removal from class



  • Before School:  7:30-7:45 (M, W, Th, F) 

  • Break:  10:30-10:45 

  • After School:  3:25-3:45 (M-Th) 

*For times outside of scheduled tutorials, please make an appointment with me. 



  • 40% Test (including tests and projects) 

  • 40% Daily (including class work, homework, quizzes, participation) 

  • 20% Nine Weeks Test 


  • Homework will be assigned daily in class and posted in Google Classroom. Work must be shown on all assignments to get full credit.



  • If you do not have your homework, you may turn in homework the next day for a grade of 70.

  • Please refer to guidelines for late work in the Student Handbook.


MAKE UP WORK (when absent)

  • Student is responsible for checking Google Classroom for notes and missed assignments.

  • Student is responsible for attending tutorials to receive assistance. 

  • Please refer to the guidelines in the Student Handbook. 



  • If a student is tardy 3 times to my class, they will be assigned lunch detention. Thereafter, they will be assigned lunch detention every time they are tardy to my class.



Per Policy: Any assignment failed, you must have the opportunity to bring the failing grade up to a maximum of a 70. If you fail a homework or daily assignment, it is your (student) responsibility to correct the homework on a separate sheet of paper, staple it to the original paper and turn it in. The grade you make on the corrected sheet is the final grade for the assignment.

If you fail a test (not a six weeks test or a project), then you must attend tutorials with me to help you with your corrections before the day of the re-test. A re-test will be given on an announced day. If the student does not come in for tutorials and/or make the necessary corrections, they will not be allowed to retake the test. Re-tests are given before/after school. If the student cannot make it due to school activities, they need to let me know and I will schedule a time for the re-test. 



  • Email: 

  • Conference: 8:45-9:30

**Conferences must be scheduled at least one day in advance as a professional courtesy. Conferences can be scheduled by calling the front office at (903) 389-4177. 


Welcome! I look forward to having a wonderful and successful year!


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