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Kathie Maciel


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Journalism and Newspaper 



Welcome to Mrs. Maciel’s classes!

English I, English I PreAP, Journalism, Newspaper 

UIL Journalism, Ready Writing, and Literary Criticism Coach

UIL OAP Assistant Director

Eagle Beat student newspaper Adviser


Links to Lesson Plans


English II


Honors Eng I



Tutorial and assistance offered five times a day:

  • Morning 7:30
  • Break
  • Lunch (if needed, with prior arrangements)
  • Student’s study hall (with prior arrangement with study hall teacher)
  • After school

Questions about assignments and concerns about grades should first be addressed during one of these times.


Parents and Students may refer to:


English I TEKS


Rules and Syllabus - English I, English II, English I PAP, Journalism, Newspaper


Contact Information

 school phone: 903-389-4177  

Please email me or contact the office for a meeting or conference.


Morning Duty every Thursday.


1st period - English II

2nd – English I PreAP

3rd - English I PreAP


4th - conference/planning

(1st lunch)

5th - English I Honors

6th – English II

7th – English I/ Newspaper

8th – Journalism/ Newspaper



Bachelor of Arts, English, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX



Secondary English Language Arts, Grades 6-12

ESL Supplemental, Grades EC – 12

Technology Applications, Grades EC - 12

Journalism, Grades 8-12

Secondary Theatre Arts, Grades 6-12


Training: approved courses and workshops from UIL, ILPC, ATPE, TCEA, Region 12, College Board AP Summer Institutes, College Board PreAP Summer Institutes, Laying the Foundation Summer Institute

Teaching Experience:

English I, II, and III, PreAP English I and II, AP English III, Newspaper, Yearbook, Advanced Yearbook, Desktop Publishing, Digital Media, Web Technology, Journalism, Advanced Journalism, Theatre Arts.


Current Duties:

English and Journalism Teacher; Newspaper Advisor; UIL Literary Criticism and Journalism Coach; UIL Academic Co-Coordinator; ATPE campus representative; DEIC district committee.




2022 – 2023 Eagle Beat Editors

Payton Botelho, 2022 All State Journalist 

Alexi Walthall


2021 Literary Criticism Team

Alyson S.

Rachel R.

Bailee A.

Madysen F.



2021 Eagle Beat Editors

Jordan Maciel, 2022 All State Journalist

Bailee Acreman

Rachel Reyes, 2021, 2022 All State Journalist

Tedi Blassingame, 2021 All State Journalist

Payton Botelho, 2022 All State Journalist

Alyson Sanchez, 2022 All State Journalist

Alexi Walthall



Previous Students Awards


2022 State Literary Criticism alternate – Rachel Reyes


2022 State UIL News Writing – Tedi Rene Blassingame, 4th in State


2020 (No UIL) State Invitational – Nereyda Espinoza, 3rd in State


2019 State UIL Journalism – Erin Rachel, Naydelin Espinoza, Abbie Cunningham, Anna Kaye Williams


2018 State UIL News Writing – Kaytlyn Brewer, 2nd place










2013 – UIL State Journalism – First Place Team