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Kathie Maciel


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Journalism and Newspaper 



Welcome to Mrs. Maciel’s classes!

English I, English I PreAP, Journalism, Newspaper 

UIL Academic Co-Coordinator

UIL Journalism and Literary Criticism Coach

Eagle Beat student newspaper Adviser





Tutorial and assistance offered five times a day:

  • Morning 7:30
  • Break
  • Lunch (with arrangements)
  • Student’s study hall (with arrangements with study hall teacher)
  • After school

Questions about assignments and concerns about grades should first be addressed during one of these times.


Parents and Students may refer to:

Rules and Syllabus - English I, English I PAP, Journalism, Newspaper


2021 Literary Criticism Team

Alyson S.

Rachel R.

Bailee A.

Madysen F.

Karly T.

Emori D.


Contact Information

 school phone: 903-389-4177  

Please email me or contact the office for a meeting or conference.


Morning Duty every Thursday.


1st period - conference 

2nd – English I PreAP

3rd - English I PreAP


4th - English I

5th - Newspaper 

(2nd lunch)

6th – English I

7th – Newspaper

8th – Journalism



BA English, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX



Secondary English Language Arts, Grades 6-12

ESL Supplemental, Grades EC – 12

Technology Applications, Grades EC - 12

Journalism, Grades 8-12

Secondary Theatre Arts, Grades 6-12


Training: approved courses and workshops from UIL, ILPC, ATPE, TCEA, Region 12, College Board AP Summer Institutes, College Board PreAP Summer Institutes, Laying the Foundation Summer Institute

Teaching Experience:

English I, II, and III, PreAP English I and II, AP English III, Newspaper, Yearbook, Advanced Yearbook, Desktop Publishing, Digital Media, Web Technology, Journalism, Advanced Journalism, Theatre Arts.


Current Duties:

English and Journalism Teacher; Newspaper Advisor; UIL Literary Criticism and Journalism Coach; UIL Academic Co-Coordinator; ATPE campus representative; DEIC district committee.




Kathie Maciel - Lesson Plans

Contact Kathie Maciel

School Phone:
Conference Time:
1st period conference