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Gay Hudnall

   LIFE SKILLS - Mrs. G Hudnall



A.  Conference                                                                                                                                                   

1:00 – 1:45          


B.  At Home Development
1.  follow directions                             
2.  follow directives immediately

3.  use inside voice when appropriate     
4.  practice sympathy when appropriate      
5.  practice selfless acts

6.  bathe, deodorize & brush teeth daily

7.  count money
8.  clean up after self
9.  practice manners
10.organize personal items


 C. Classroom Rules

1. I will respect myself enough to get an education.
2. I will respect others enough that they can get an education.
3. I will respect authority.

Possible Corrections                                                                      

warning, time out, privilege loss, loss of outside/inside activities, write sentences, contact parents/counselor/police/administration, school detention/suspension

Possible Rewards

praise, special inside/outside activities, tangible rewards, extra computer time, chart advancement, gift certificate drawing and/or special choices


D.  Special Projects 

1. Become familiar with campus

2. Become familiar with schedule


E. Community Based Instruction









                                      ***ALL GRADES WEIGHTED EQUALLY***





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