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Sally Whitaker

Mrs. Whitaker

AP English Language

AP English Language and Composition is a challenging course, and my goal is to use this website as well as Google Classroom to help each of you stay updated on classroom and school events.


I am available to help you.  Please email me or tell me in advance and I will make arrangements with you.  I am only in my classroom during 5th and 6th period.


Remember, YOU are responsible for your education.  Please communicate with me if you are having any problems.


Grading Policy

Six Weeks Test                              20%

Daily Grades/Quizzes                        40%

Tests   (Includes Essays)                   40%




1 ½ – 2 inch, 3 Ring Binder

Wide-Ruled Notebook Paper

5 Dividers: (Notes, Vocabulary, AP Practice, Graded Work, Quotes)

Blue or Black Pens

Highlighter (any color)

**You may also want to purchase small sticky notes for annotation, but this is not mandatory**




Sally Whitaker - Lesson Plans

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