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Misty Rhoden


Students are expected to follow all Fairfield I.S.D., Fairfield High School, and Computer Lab Guidelines & Rules.

Class Rules: Any student who repeatedly interferes with the communication of the teacher and/ or the ability to learn of other students will be removed from the classroom.


       1.  Have respect for others - be courteous to your classmates and teachers.

  1. Practice good listening skills: Always listen quietly and carefully when someone else is speaking.
  2. Work quietly and stay on task – you should always be working on this class’s assignments unless you have specific permission from the teacher to do otherwise.
  3. Academic honesty is a must. Do your own work! Never copy, prints, or download another student’s work. Cheating, of any type, is not tolerated in this classroom.
  4. Keep your login and password secure – do not share them with anyone.  No one except you and the teacher should ever have access to your files.
  5. DO NOT get on the internet unless you have specific permission from the teacher.
  6. No food/ drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
  7. The computer you are stationed at is your responsibility. If the computer is not working properly, has been damaged, or altered in any way; you must notify the teacher immediately.  Otherwise, you may be held accountable.  Do not change the screen saver, background, icons or other controls on your computer.

In accordance with district guidelines, the student will be allowed to make up work without being penalized. After this time, late work may be accepted in accordance with school policy. (Student Handbook.) It is the student’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements.

  • 1 Day Late= -30pts


Grading Policy: 

40% - Major Grades (Tests, Portfolios, Major Projects)

40% - Daily Grades  (Daily Assignments, Participation)

20% - Nine Weeks Exam

Extra-credit work may be offered to the class periodically at the discretion of the teacher.







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